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The average number of days that a cyber threat goes undetected

Risk Assessment

The goal of a risk assessment is to set the stage for sensible security planning. Identifying and understanding the risks that are specific to each organization's unique business is the critical first step in establishing best practices.

Developing a prioritized list of threats enables organizations to focus their efforts on the areas that matter most and avoid security technologies or activities that are less essential or irrelevant to fixing identified problems.

Assessing risk directly aligns spending with the areas of most significant need and is the most cost-effective way to implement security measures. DSA works closely with our clients to guide them through this critical process and lay the foundation for a stronger security posture.



Percentage of attacks that are easily avoidable

Security Coaching

The increase in cybercrime and the sheer volume of malicious software is a daunting problem. However, it's estimated that 83% of the successful attacks in 2015 were easily avoidable. In these incidents the methods the attackers used to compromise an organization had known patches, but they just hadn't been installed yet. In most instances the security "fixes" had been publicly known for a year or more.

The stark reality is that any device, individual or organization that is connected to the internet is under attack. This attack is underway 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To survive in this environment it is essential that everyone hones their security awareness and the necessary skills to take pro-active security measures.

DSA coaches our clients so that they gain the awareness and expertise needed to protect themselves and their organizations. Job specific, hands-on training, tools and step-by-step techniques are geared to equip users at every level to take an active role in security.



Average cost of a small business security breach

Testing & Monitoring

The goal of security testing is to identify possible weaknesses in devices, applications, networks and technology systems that might result in loss of information at the hands of the employees or outsiders of the organization. You need to find these weaknesses before the bad guys find them.

It's 2AM, do you know where your network is? The trend these days is to blindly connect everything to the Net. Unfortunately, security has been an afterthought, often with disastrous results. How can you even begin to secure your network until you can see what is on that network? DSA offers cutting-edge solutions that detect, fingerprint and analyze every single device. In real time.



Number of sensitive records that are exposed annually

Privacy Protection

Your personal identity is a valuable commodity. Our assets are under constant threat of cyber attack and the risk of compromise is very real on a professional and personal level. Keeping your personal information secure is one of the most valuable skills you could develop for yourself, your family and your organization. DSA will help you to identify and safeguard your personal and sensitive information.

By utilizing built-in privacy and safety features, understanding how to navigate social media and using privacy-conscious apps you can dramatically improve your security posture. It may not be the easiest thing you have ever done, but it's way more fun than being a statistic. Investing in your privacy is one of the best investments you can make.